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Wednesday October 7, 2015


Member since: October 26, 2007
Last visit: October 8, 2014
Name: ~Britney Nichole~
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Location: Fairy World :) (not tellin)
Country: United States
Fav. BEP: Taboo
Fav. Song: Don't Phunk with my Heart
Fav. Video: Don't Phunk with my Heart
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~Bout Me~

category: Anything | March 9 | @914 | comments comments(1)

Most people like to start off by say hey and who they are,but I'm going to do this a lil differently. I'm the type of girl who will tell you how it is, the type who will give advice to ya, type of girl who will chill wit ya, the type who will be by your side, type who will make you laugh or smile, Type who will bust out laughing for most of the time no reason, Type who doesnt deal wit drama anymore. I'm in Love wit Twilight. My Heart is TAKEN by the most amazing guy. I finally started College I'm going for Massage Therapy I finished in Feb. I'm currently studying for my boards. Also I'm currently working as well. I enjoy hanging with my girls My cell phone never leaves my side haha. I...


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My Babies, A Part Of Me, My Loves, My Gabe N Julian

My Babies, A Part Of Me, My Loves, My Gabe N Julian

Published on: 03/27/2013

Me N Julian :)

Me N Julian :)

Published on: 03/27/2013

Me N My Gabe :)

Me N My Gabe :)

Published on: 03/27/2013

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05/08/11 @955
Ilym <3 [:
08/12/10 @717
You know what....Ifreakingloveyou <3
07/14/10 @156

Had to do it for youu (:
Okay happy birthday to my big sis. I hope you have an amazing day, you deserve it! I'm extremely glad I met you because you have seriously been there for me as a supporter, a relationship expert, and most importantly a big sister. Anyone who can't see how much of a good person you are..well I feel sorry for them because they are really missing out on a great girl I meant woman. At times you have been more like a sister to me than my real sisters have been, and I won't ever forget that. When I think of Miss Britney Nichole, I look past age, race, location, etc.. none of it matters because she's the best sister anyone could have.

Have a great birthday & I know you will live to see many more.

Love, Ana.
07/02/10 @247
I Miss You Too. =[
06/28/10 @518
Britney Nichole. :)
You've been here since day one. I've known you for three years now and you have been there for me each and every day of it.
You make me laugh so much when I talk to you, you make me smile too.
You always know how to cheer me up when I'm sad, and you have given me some of the best advice ever.
You have helped me in some of the hardest times in my life thus far, and for that I am so grateful, I probably would not have survived without you.
You listen to every one of my problems and understand completely.
You never moan when I talk too much or get angry when I go on and on about my problems.
Not many people are as lucky as I am to have met such an amazing person.
You know a hell of alot about me, and this is why you are my favourite girl, and one of bestest bestfrienddddss.
I love you to death Britney Nichole. :)
12/05/07 @192
this here is my lil princess. She's amazing she's the best thing that has ever happened 2 me. I luv her n wil do anything to c her happy she's the sweetest thing on earth n im happy 2 say that she chosed me, the biggest asshole in the world. N im happy 2 be the one to call her my lil princess :) ;)

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  ~Britney Nichole~
  United States


?Love the life you life Live the life you love?

6.2.10-Tha best day of My Life. 3 years ago I met tha Love of My Life. We had our moments and still do, but yet at tha end of tha day I still love him wit all my heart. He's tha most amazing guy ever. He treats me like a princess and when Im around him I dont want to leave him. I Love My Boyfriend <3

tabbysgirl]- My Baby Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has Always been there for me thru everything. I can talk to her bout everything. No matter where she lives she's my best friend and sister forever.She knows Im here for her no matter wat. Even if we dont talk much She's still my baby sister. I'm thanxful to have her in my life. I love you sis

My Favorite Gurl,My Best friend, Sister. Okay story wit this gurl is She's been there for me no matter wat. I can talk for hours to her and she knows everything bout me. She knows my life story. She knows my relationships and she just knows. I love her cuz she's always there to make me smile or laugh. She's there when I need someone to walk to.Im thanxful to have her in my life. I love you Kaylah :)

He's tha best guy in tha world to have as a best friend. He's there to listen to me go on and on bout my life. He's caring,swwet,amazing,loving. He knows my life and I know his. He's my best friend and there thru everything. He's one of a kind :) I have much love for him and he knows dat. Im thanxful to have him in my life :) I love ya

These 3 are my favorite closes friends on here. They know everything bout me and can simply said Im flippin Amazing :) I love them like crazy and would die for them if I had to. They mean tha world 2 me. I love them for putting up wit me throughout tha years of knowing me. Well we're even I have to put up wit them 2 and I love them for it. They make my day everytime I talk to them. I love you 3 sooooooooooo much <3 / AM / i / UMG
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